Boulevard Général Jacques 239, B-1050 Brussels, BELGIUM

Larcier Group

Larcier group, thanks to its prestigious legal publishing brands such as Larcier, Bruylant, Promoculture-Larcier, offers solutions adapted to the specific needs of every legal professionnal from Belgium, Luxembourg and France (lawyers, judges, notaries, legal practitioner…).

Main provider of all legal information and highly respected, its complete editorial offer is composed of the most comprehensive legal database of Belgium (Strada lex), of over 300 new monographs per year, of 5 collections of Codes, of computational software and a rich training catalogue. Larcier group is the number 1 legal publisher in Belgium.

Besides it legal segment, Larcier Group also addresses Business and HR professionnals in Belgium with its label Larcier Business and its mainly digital offer.

Thanks to Indicator and Larcier, ELS is now the leader in Belgium on all the segments of fiscal and legal publishing.

  • Approximately 130 employees, 30 m€ in revenue


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