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The LexGO websites

LexGO occupies a unique position in the Belgian and Luxembourg legal landscapes. It is the premium job board and web portal for the legal community, which it serves through and

LexGO was founded in 2007 as a dedicated legal job board but gradually morphed into a specialized web-portal, as more and more other content was added (news, articles, events & trainings, books, search tools).

In line with the multilingual reality of the Belgian and Luxembourg legal landscapes, LexGO presents itself as a truly multilingual platform. All content is always accessible, irrespective of the language of the resource and of the language the visitor has selected on the site.

LexGO Legal Career Guide

Each year in September, LexGO publishes the “Legal Career Guide”. The guide presents an in-depth and comprehensive overview of a legal career in Belgium or Luxembourg, from the start as a young law graduate up to retirement.

The LexGO Legal Career Guide fills the lack of available information on the legal job market and its evolution (variety of legal studies and job positions, types of offices, issues arising when leaving the bar to go in-house, etc.). It appeals to all generations of lawyers and presents real value for advertisers, as the content of the Guide is effectively read and leafed through by thousands of lawyers.

The Legal Career Guide contains approximately 140 pages and is published both in Dutch and French. The total issue is 9,000 copies and it is distributed as from the end of September to coincide with the opening of the judicial year and the beginning of the academic year.

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