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What Are ELSA Belgium Vacancies ?

ELSA Belgium Vacancies are available positions within ELSA Belgium or the National Team.
If accepted for a position, any person would be undertaking it until the 31st july 2024, unless otherwise specified in the Vacancy description itself.
Applications are accepted only through the Application form below. All available positions can also be seen below.

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New Journey ?

  • Data Protection Officer
  • Director for the Human Right program
Board Management, External Relations and Expansion
  • Director for expansion
  • Director for external relations
Internal Management
  • Director for legal compliance
Financial Management
  • Treasurer ELSA Belgium (board member)
  • Internal Auditor
  • Vice-President in charge of Marketing ELSA Belgium (board member)
Academic Activities
  • Vice-President in charge of Academic Activities ELSA Belgium (board member)
  • Director in charge of the Law Review
Moot Court Competitions
  • Director for Moot Court Competition
Seminars and Conferences
  • Vice-President in charge of Seminars & Conferences (board member)
  • Director for Law School
Professional Development
  • No available vacancies currently.
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